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design for press. story1 part2 by tei187 design for press. story1 part2 by tei187

"~tei187 on technical sides of design"

STORY #1 - "the Sleepy Designer and a Guy Who Hired Him" - part 2

keywords: color palettes, resolution, specification

:bulletblue: STORY #1 - "the Sleepy Designer and a Guy Who Hired Him" - part 1
  (keywords: file types, page sizes, fonts)
:bulletblue: STORY #1 - "the Sleepy Designer and a Guy Who Hired Him" - part 2
  (keywords: color palettes, resolution, specification)
:bulletblue: STORY #2 - "Exploring the darkness and «How about those specs?»"
  (keywords: ink coverage limit, dot gain)
:bulletblue: STORY #3 - "Printing over stuff"
  (keywords: overprinting, color mixing)

What's that?
This won't be a tutorial telling you how to achieve a particular effect in Photoshop. This won't be another yada yada about how to find good taste and feel of art. This won't be another lecture about colors etc. etc.
This is a tutorial for people who would want to start making designs for press printing but don't really know how to take their first bite.
Some people think that knowing their tools of trade (as in software) makes them automatically entitled to do designs for press. That's more than a half of success, as knowing how to use your tools is crucial in any kind of career. The thing that many people tend to forget is "how to use your tools to make your work have any sense at all". This is what differs an uber-user from a professional.
I've worked for two years in a pre-press studio in a big printing company. I was quite nooby when I first got there, seeing that I have used to make silly mistakes when working on a design for press. Of course, I've managed to feel good about it, as my mistakes weren't like the ugly ones that our customers often did (that's called positive thinking, ain't it?). I've seen my share of people (young and mid-age) who didn't really know to prepare pages in a fashionable manner (or at least anyhow proper). So I thought that I'll share some info, starting with very basics, to help out the people out there still having some problems.
The stories described are based real life situations (and, what's worse, mostly ARE VERY true stories).
leoreiss Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
Thank you!!!
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